The king of the jungle brought up his son alone after Mummy’s death

A lioness mother Rachel had a little lion cub, when she was already an old woman  (14 years old). After seven months the lioness died. The accident was shocking news for the staff of the zoo. They were very worried about the little lion.
In the wild, the caring of lionesses belongs to entirely females and males do not take part in this process.  A few days later Khari (meaning ‘’king’’) was sent to his father, Wallace. To all surprise Wallace immediately took the role of a mother, caring his son, being a warmhearted and devoted  person for him.
Lion with his Cub
Soon they became inseparable for many months. As a whole the keepers could raise a lion on their own,  but they were very happy that  the lion showed parental instincts.
‘’ In order to raise a lion, you need a lion’’, the zoo summarized.

Male Lion with Cub

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