A new bringing kitten surprised the couple at home

When the couple went to the shelter to adopt a cat, the manager showed them three kittens from the suburbs. The kittens had the following names: Arthur, Heracles, and Apolo.

The couple decided to adopt Arthur. Emma went for a carrier for them and set it down on the floor with a blanket. Arthur was purring loudly in the carrier while they were going  home. When the couple finally got  home and opened the carrier,  they were surprised to see a “hanger-on” inside! It was the cat, Heracles, and Arthur was cuddled up next to him, purring loudly.

Emma said that when she was carrying Arthur, maybe at that time  Heracles entered the carrier. Then they did not notice him in the carrier because of the poor lightness in the room. In the morning a separate family adopted Apolo, the kitten that remained at the shelter.

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