A saved little fox playing with his stuffed bunny

A little fox named Puggle enjoys playing with a soft toy. He was rescued on March 15 in London. He always adores his stuffed animal bunny. In spite of the fact that the rabbit now lives  in the house, one thing captures everyone’s attention.

He was discovered at the age of two weeks and brought to the National Fox Welfare Society.              According to the National Fox Welfare Society, “Puggle enjoys his toy.”                           
Soon he finds his new keepers. Caralyn and Shane take care of Puggle, feding him.  Puggle has a surprising habit: when he  is tedious, he enjoys playing with the rabbit, but after playing and eating a lot, he changes his mind and throws the rabbit. This fact worries his keepers and they soon become beware of him.

When he is a little older, they decide to give him freedom and release him into the wild.

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