A shrewd dog asking for help in pharmacy

It is well known that dogs are very clever. According to several behavior measures, dogs’ mental abilities are close to a human child from 2 to 2.5 years.
Dogs’ intelligence may be both shocking and admirable.These animals easily gained social skills and human behaviors.As humans undergo generational continuity, dogs also experience it.
For example,it is common to see these animals cross the street in the same manner as people.

After this incident people were once more convinced of dogs’ intelligence. At first, the worker didn’t understand what the animal was trying to do.
At first she offered him food since she thought the dog was hungry, but then  he gave her a sniff and then showed his stricken paw. She received the appropriate treatment from a coworker, who also helped her.

Animals will always astonish us with their ability for gratitude. This feeling is considered as ‘the healthiest of all human and animal emotions’.
Animals deserve more, therefore we need to treat them like.

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