An amazing dog examines his younger pup sister to be a police dog

A german dog  Rockey lived in America with his keepers. He was a wonderful two-year-old dog who was very kind with his animal partners. Her keepers had just adopted Miya, a new dog.

When Rockey saw  Miya, he  fascinated about her attractiveness.  Rockey noticed the dog, and he sprang onto the couch and began to  sniff the pup. He was very happy to have a new friend.  He continued to sniff Miya in the same way. Running to his mother, the little puppy asked her to carry her.    But Rockey wanted to smell her again. The little white puppy captivated his attention. Miya liked the dog too and after some time she  walked up to him and relaxed.

Rockey continued to examine the young dog, and they quickly became close friends. Miya began to play with Rockey, who was really  persistent and also carefull to her.

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