The Romanian Tibetan Mastiff has been named the world’s cutest dog

Xeno, a Tibetan Mastiff, is introduced. This exquisite pet has earned the title of “the most beautiful dog in the world” around the world. Xeno was born in Romania.

The world’s most attractive dog is now almost four years old. After this triumph, Xeno and his owners traveled to a dozen other countries where he competed in exhibitions and collected 400 awards across a range of categories. The dog is enormous—it weighs more than 100 kilograms—but its size has no impact on its disposition.

The Xeno is affectionate, sociable, and extroverted. The owners treat it as though it were their prized possession. Spending on food, toys, and cosmetics is highest among dog owners. In addition, the owner requested a Xeno copy from a tree that was the same height as him. The owner appears to know better, although it is unclear what this deed is for.

The cute dog is content with his copy as well. That odd and beautiful of a dog is most likely not what you see every day. We are constantly surprised by nature in fascinating ways.

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