Dasher, a reliable companion and guardian

Dasher, this lovely German Shepherd, inhabits in Mildura, Australia. Dasher became a hero when he was a seven-month-old puppy. The dog spent more than 14 hours during a storm guarding his owners’ young toddler in a woodland.

Dasher was the only one to realize that Dante Berry, 2, had left the group. The kid was lost everywhere, but fortunately, his loyal friend was right behind him. They eventually got lost in the wilderness, some 1.8 miles (3 km) from their house. It took a while before Dante’s parents realized their son was gone.

Dante and Dasher were discovered in the wilderness the next morning, 15 hours after the kid went missing. The fortunate child had no scratches at all. Dasher shielded Dante from danger and assisted him in surviving the storm.

The mother and kid were reunited when this picture was taken. The lady said that because the dog had always been their devoted protector, she was not astonished by the dog’s behavior.

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