Like everyone else, the adorable cat with the cross-eyed eyes longed for attention.

On the side of the road, a weird cat in horrible condition was found. The cat was frail and obviously in need of skilled therapeutic care.

Since good people could no longer watch, they sent her to a nearby shelter, where she started to live. The volunteer girl temporarily sheltered her and gave her the name Olivia.

Immediately after she began caring for her, Oliva began to become stronger and gain weight. But this was just a small improvement; eventually, a long-term treatment for Oliva was required. Michonne, a local, was on her way to buy a cat when she met Oliva. She knew she was searching for her and went straight to see him and she immediately took her on that same day.

Oliva had a strong bond with her owner and was grateful to her for rescuing, admiring, and caring for her. Furthermore, we must never lose sight of the fact that each animal is a special being in need of love and care. It’s a good thing the girl was there to assist the affectionate and cute kitty.




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