Many people were moved by images of a stray cat that circulated on social media.

The cat quickly achieved recognition on social media. It was because of her resemblance to a fictional character. A rare creature, a cat that looks like Yoda from Star Wars. A veterinarian assistant’s odd pet was the subject of a widely shared photograph.

The cat had an infection in one of her eyes and an injured paw when she first arrived at the shelter. She was also egregiously underweight. It didn’t lessen how adorable the ear princess was, though. She immediately captured the hearts of the staff members at the shelter as well.

The director of the humanitarian organization characterized the animal as “extremely cuddly, affectionate, and incredibly attractive”

Despite all she has gone through, she has not turned into an aggressive cat. She appears to like perching on people’s laps. She will be an excellent pet for someone. When she hunts, which she does regularly, her ears are typically turned to the side. She enjoys playing.

The animal’s startling likeness to the illustrious master has been noticed by astute Internet users. Social media users  appreciated the cat. They also posted several amusing and encouraging remarks beneath her photo.

The cat, along with several other animals at the shelter, are in need of affection and care. Additionally, they want to live in decent homes.

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