Golden Retriever Hinckley makes the perfect big brother for his human brother

The Parks family was worried about how their golden retriever, Hinckley, would respond to the new baby when they became parents.On the other side, the pet started to lavish the baby with extraordinary love and care. The young mother Whitney said that at first, Hinckley mistakenly thought of baby Theodore as a brand-new toy.

But as time went on, the dog started to travel wherever the youngster did. He may, for instance, lay down next to him, hold him, and provide him protection. Hinckley watched Theodore for the first several evenings from their bed. While the infant slept in his cot, he watched every action with fascination.

According to Whitney Parks, Hinckley discovered after a few days that the “toy” was not truly his and would not move. She expressed happiness about her son’s relationship with a pet. Whitney stated, “My heart melts when I see them and know Hinckley is assuming the position of an older brother who watches after his tiny sibling.

Hinckley claims that she is still unsure about who Theodore is. But he is aware that he is special and that others must pay attention to him.

Social media users are thrilled by this connection. They actively comment on a picture of a little child holding a golden retrievers.

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