Instead of sitting down and petting the dog as he had intended, the young guy sobbed.

Stray dogs are a common sight on city streets, and their number is on the rise. People are coming up with increasingly sophisticated ways to leave their pets, yet frequently they just throw them out into the street like an item.

Senior dogs commonly experience it. And when they pass by these creatures on the streets, they ignore them. They won’t even provide them food, much less more assistance, so they usually cling to garbage cans and look for sustenance there.

Fortunately, there are still good people in the world. So they began disseminating information about a shepherd dog trapped in a container in the middle of a metropolis and unable to flee. As soon as they learned about the dog, volunteers rushed at the chance to save her. They were able to help the animal once it was inside the container, and when one of the volunteers touched the shepherd, she was overjoyed because she had forgotten what it was like to have sympathy from humans.

She is presently doing well and residing in a loving and caring home, thanks to the same young man who acquired Batty and made her his favorite pet.

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