The strange canine with the lengthy neck has at last found a permanent home.

When his owners take their dog out in public in the Netherlands, he continually attracts attention. She is so tall that nobody can help but look at her. The two-year-old greyhound was given a fresh lease on life after receiving a cuddle from his owner, Monika. They are regarded for their agility and speed, which make them good for running and hunting. These dogs are typically referred to as sighthounds.

That’s how Monika got her hands on Kenma. Through a network of rescuers whose main objective was to save the dogs from dreadful fates. She was able to adopt the puppy.

She said that Kenma has a loving disposition and is the most lovely puppy ever. Monika is grateful that she said that. According to Monika, whenever the two of them go for a stroll, bystanders usually halt and gaze or inquire about her unusually long appearance.

Since the dog is so skinny and requires two saddles, a choker, and a rope when he is out in public. He frequently responds to inquiries from bystanders. One of her favorite sly moves is to try and steal Monika’s breakfast to make herself stand out and get noticed.

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