This cat would constantly nag the salesperson for meat and carry it with him.

Not just people, but animals also value having a trustworthy companion. For everyone of us, this is crucial. This is further demonstrated by the beautiful tale that describes how a cat visits the butcher every day to request meat and then takes it to the traveler.

This cat once entered a butcher shop and started begging with the employees for food. However, the seller removed it from his shop. The cat came back the following day and patiently waited at the window. The vendor chose to give him the balance. But rather of eating it, the cat scooped it up and carried it away.

When the cat continued to claim that he was doing it because he wanted to eat somewhere else every day, the seller decided to take the animal back. He then abruptly realized that the cat was not carrying the meat for himself, but rather for his companion who had a hurt paw.

He made the choice to bring the wounded cat to his local vet. They were already residing at the saleswoman’s home when he recovered from his illness.

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