When a puppy is finally reunited with the cow that raised him, he sobs with happiness.

Nothing can match the bond between a mother and her child, whether the child is biological or not. You won’t be surprised by what happens next, but it will surely make you cry.

In contrast, animals are capable of strong emotions like love and devotion, especially when their relationship is similar to that of a mother and her kids. Meet Rookie, a stunning little puppy who resided on a huge farm with several other animals.

Rookie was looking for a motherly figure to relate to after losing his mother at a young age, and he discovered one in a cow, a farm animal.

The little puppy started to spend more time in the barn when his mother passed away, where he made friends with the cows.

Before the farmer chose to sell one of his cows, who also happened to be Rookie’s “mom,” they were really bonded for almost two years. Rookie, who was present, found it hard to comprehend that he was being separated from his mother.

His eyes are weeping and glistening. The tiny dog started barking nonstop. However, the farmers didn’t back out of the deal. The cow had been sold to a nearby farm. Rookie was able to find it easily.

The farmers had second thoughts as a result, and they ultimately decided to buy the cow back!

The Rookie and his mother would at last be reconciled. You can only imagine Rookie’s happiness when his mother came back to him.

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