A 4-year-old youngster and the rescue dog of his foster home create a remarkable bond.

In Man’s Best Friend, hashtags are everywhere on Instagram. There are a myriad of cute images of dogs and their loyal owners on social media platform. Dogs and their owners embarking on adventures are the focus of many Instagram accounts.

On the other hand, some individuals like dressing like their pets.  Sandy, a native of Portland, made the decision to adopt Regan when he was just 10 months old.

Sandy was overjoyed to see Regan quickly connect with her 10-month-old adopted grandson. She told NBC News, “There was an immediate bond.” From the beginning, they have had a tight friendship.

The two enjoy spending time together doing anything from cuddling in bed to hosting sleepovers to simply relaxing by the lake. Additionally, they have excellent fashion sense and usually wear coordinated looks or even suits.

Sandy began chronicling Regan and her “Little friend’s” close relationship for the Instagram page after becoming fascinated by their kindness.

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