Every morning, a TV-obsessed cat requests that her mother switch on her favorite shows.

When Ella was ten years old, her family adopted her from a shelter. She was already quite aware of her likes and dislikes at that point and was never reluctant to express them. “Ella is often a cat that is quite outspoken and demanding. I can’t fault her for that, though; it’s just that she’s a lady who knows what she wants. Owner of Ella Emily Kalaygian stated.

Ella was staying with the Kalaygian family for almost a month until the owner started watching The Grinch, which piqued her curiosity in the TV. This led to the cat’s infatuation with talk shows and television programs. Ella’s fondness for cartoons and movies only grew when 2020 arrived and they began to watch TV at home.

Ella now watches television every day. She has been waiting for her two-legged mother to be awaken since the early morning so that she may switch on her favorite programs. “Ella often stands outside my door in the morning while I decide which program she should watch. Now, I am fully aware of her likes and dislikes. But occasionally I’m surprised by her choice of cartoon or movie!” says Emily.

The cat also adores Benedict Cumberbatch, a British actor. She therefore consistently sits next to him as they watch movies and never looks away from the screen. Ella’s love of television has her owners in tears of joy and laughter. And they frequently join her in watching their favorite movies.

The entire family, including the cat, sits in one room, prepares snacks, settles down on the couch, and turns on a show or movie they all enjoy.



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