Sisters took the unique decision to transform their dog into a university graduate in order to celebrate his 12th birthday.

Many people consider their dogs to be full-fledged family members, with their own special occasions and holidays. A few days ago, sisters Pamela and Olivia Dufresne took the unique decision to transform their dog Yogi into a college grad in honor of his 12th birthday.

Yogi is incredibly intelligent and has a wide vocabulary, exactly like a person. The sisters claim that conversing with him is like conversing with a very kind and humorous little brother.

“My sister Olivia made the decision to sneakily capture the graduation for Yogi. Then, while no one was at home, she swapped out an amusing new photograph of Yogi for one of our old childhood pictures. The Dodo was recounted by Pamela Dufresne.

Yogi looks wonderful in the picture and definitely deserves a spot on the mantelpiece alongside her two-legged sisters. Olivia worked on it in Photoshop for hours to get the humorous graduation portrait of the dog. In order to get the amusing graduation picture of the dog, Olivia worked with him for several hours in Photoshop. When the girls’ parents finally saw the new, peculiar detail in their living room, they laughed for a very long time.

We all chuckled at this image and then shed a few tears of joy for the Yoga graduate. His image still serves as the focal point of our living room, Olivia added. Sisters are organizing a sizable party with a teenage theme for Yogi’s upcoming birthday.

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