Small Chihuahua Diby makes friends with large dog Neiro after being saved.

You’ve been witness to a peculiar Mastif and Chihuahua relationship, and you’re convinced that this statement is true. In a rescue facility is where Neiro and Diby first met. On January 27, 2016, a Chihuahua was discovered on the sidewalk close to garbage cans. Diby had only been alive for a month and weighed less than half a kilogram. He was located by onlookers and taken to the rescue facility. Diby encountered the gigantic Neiro. The dog weighs 56 kg and frequently consumes more than a chihuahua, at the center’s shelter.

The shelter’s director, who had looked after Neiro, genuinely cared about each new arrival. Despite their differences in weight and height, these two become attached pretty fast, and they even play together.

In spite of their close friendship, the dogs may soon have to part ways since Diby has been adopted and is looking for a new home.

Despite a bleak beginning to life. He has a very bright future ahead of him. Diby now has a comfortable life thanks to Neiro and other good people.

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