The woman noticed a problem when she brought her dog up from the groomer.

The owner brought her dog in for a haircut at the groomer. But after a few hours, she did come back with another four-legged animal.

Tykesha Cherry used to take Lucky to a grooming shop where the dogs got baths, haircuts, and other grooming services. After the procedure, when the lady picked up her pet, they weren’t immediately able to tell it wasn’t her dog. She sat phony Lucky in the front seat of the car and drove home. At first, Tykesha believed the dog’s appearance was unique because the groomer had cut his hair shorter than usual.

As she found out later, Lucky, on the other hand, does not react to the nickname and frequently turns her head away and becomes agitated. The sole inference was that her dog was not this. Tykesha brought the puppy back to the groomer so that the correct owner could receive it and reunite with Lucky. She came at the same moment as another girl, who greeted the dog in her arms by saying, “Hi, Bentley!”

She said “Yes” when I asked whether it was her dog. Everyone in the salon was shocked at that moment, according to Tykesha. Bentley was reunited with his owner as a consequence, and Lucky went back to his. Groomer expressed shock and remorse at the situation.

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