A street cat’s lovely smile causes it to become viral on social media.

Karla DeWese, a citizen of Kentucky, was out running in June 2019 when she came discovered a little ball of wool next to a cornfield. She took it home and gave it the name Milky since she was unable to leave her on the street.

“I scooped her up, brought her home, bathed her, and the next morning I took her to the local vet,” Karla recalled. The clinic subjected the cat to a variety of pricey tests. The techniques took a month and a half to execute and were quite expensive. At first, everything went smoothly, but after the second, Milky stirred blind,’ Karla recalled.

She is clearly happy and living her best life, as stated by the business owner. Karla spent $7,000 treating the cat, and she doesn’t regret a bit of it. She appreciates having a free, adorable, and cherished pet in her life.

The woman frequently shares photos of her amusing cat on the internet, where she currently has a lot of followers.

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