The amusing cat Lulu is so grateful to have been adopted that she brings her owner’s slippers to her every morning.

After witnessing how endearingly this adorable cat expresses her thanks to her owner for sparing her life, you’ll want to cross “immediately adopt a cat” off of your to-do list. Lulu constantly delivers the owner’s slippers since she is so happy that they adopted her.

Lulu was in a bad state when she got to the shelter. After a few weeks, she started to look much better, but nobody was interested in adopting her because of her health problems. She spent so much time in a little cage that it caused kidney disease and ingrown nails. Even leaping was beyond her.

She was lucky enough to be adopted by Kayla and her mother, who loved her from the moment they met her, despite this.
They had no clue that their nice surprise would come so swiftly. The loving mother and her wonderful family took good care of their new member. They took great pleasure in feeding her and showered her with affection. After a little while, Lulu appeared significantly better.

One morning, the loving adoptive mom saw her beloved pet deliver her slippers as she was about to leave the house. It was a sincere act of thanks for save her life in this manner, most likely. After that, the adorable animal started doing it automatically.



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