After losing her most beloved feline buddy, a dog becomes the foster mother to almost 100 cats.

She instantly made friends with the household animals after being taken in by the dog’s owner, Zucca. She grew particularly close to an elderly cat named Staut.

Zucca was quite upset at the cat’s sudden death. Zucca routinely paid the shelter’s manager a visit, and when a small kitten was brought in one day, she unusually showed him a lot of motherly affection.

The little cat belonged to Zucca. Every abandoned kitten that arrived at the shelter was swiftly taken in as her own.

The owner claims that Zucca was exceptionally sensitive and calm when playing with the kittens.

She is an important source of support for him; without his need, she could behave differently around the cats.

They routinely gain access to her and swarm about her like a big, cuddly toy. Zucca appears to be conscious of each customer’s unique demands. Zucca has provided comparable treatment for more than 100 kittens over the course of the last few years.

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