An Instagram sensation was made out of a stray cat because of his gorgeous clothing.

It’s always uplifting to learn of animals that have found loving owners and homes.

Benson the cat’s life has turned out to be a real springboard. And this is thanks to the creativity of his new owners, though. A stray cat named Benson was successful in finding a new home and regaining the love of his prior owners.

When the former proprietors made the decision to leave the city, he was living in Dubai. Fortunately, the cat was found and adopted by a family from the United States. They were traveling nearby.

However, his encounters didn’t end there.

The cat’s owners had the brilliant idea to outfit him in distinctive clothing, take pictures of him in different postures, and upload them to Instagram.

The first step was getting glasses, which he was happy to accept. Later, when the suggestion of Benson dressing up in costumes was made, he handled it subtly.

The cat’s owners said, “The cat still doesn’t like shoes, but he looks wonderful in everything else and sits peacefully in front of the camera.”

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