The cute 2-week-old kitten had been hiding in a tissue box for over an hour when its owners couldn’t find it.

An emotional outpouring has been caused by pictures of a cat hiding in a tissue box that have gone viral. The image was sent to Twitter by a model and the kitten’s owner, Britney Ortiz.

In only two days, the tweet was retweeted more than 250k times. It all began when a sweet young girl named Chanel disappeared. The kitten’s owners spent more than an hour looking everywhere in the home in an effort to find her. The pet was eventually found in a tissue box.

A cute little face gazing out of a time machine’s glass was captured by Britney.

The picture even caught Mashable’s eye. Chanel probably entered the box and slept out inside. The woman said she just happened to find the cat. If her grandad hadn’t needed napkins, the cat may not have been found. A “photoshop war” was conducted on the social news website Reddit since the image was so well-known online.

The picture of Chanel was cut out by participants, who then stuck it in amazing and odd settings, such as quicksand and the space station.


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