A cat that has been rescued adopts a new “brother” that resembles him exactly and develops a deep bond with him.

A cat was previously purchased by a Japanese woman from a shelter. Shortly after, the mother came across a kitten on the same shelter’s website that exactly like her Onni. She asserts that the time given to animals transported to the shelter to find new homes is only one week.

On her day off from work, the Japanese woman went to the shelter early in the morning to adopt a cat she named Nika. After taking him to the doctor for a checkup and knowing that he was in good health. She brought him home and introduced him to the first cat.

Onni and Nika looked like identical twins to one another. The woman kept Onni and Nika in separate rooms. She gradually introduced them to one another to ensure that the cats were properly acclimated.

Onni, on the other hand, immediately began behaving affectionately toward the baby. Onni and Nika quickly became close, and they have been together ever since. These cats have nearly similar white stripes despite having different mothers, and as Nika ages, the more Onni she resembles.

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