Cobin the dog turns into the kindest pet parent when it comes to his owner’s cats.

This dog is exceptionally calm and clever, despite weighing 150 pounds and taking up most of the sofa when he naps at home. In reality, Cobin has long been a helpful relative to many kittens, and he ends up becoming their best friend and protector.

Cobin was adopted by his family when he was 8 months old and weighed around 110 pounds. He adores all animals. However, but his family was unsure if he would be able to tolerate being around little, lovely cats due to his size.

Cobbin is the most at ease dog you have ever seen. He is quite sophisticated and relaxed. “Cobin enjoys being outside and moving about,” the owner continued. The dog also enjoys other animals, such as rabbits and squirrels. He does not pursue them. He wants to see them, to put it simply.

If they’re young, they could not comprehend that a large enough group of others would begin to associate with him out of fear. Usually, additional cats will flee as a result. He is aware enough to calm down and take care of himself in the event something does happen.

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