An injured “broken dog” who has been shot cannot help but smile.

Sanford was spotted stumbling through the streets of Dallas after being struck by a vehicle. The dog’s inability to walk normally was immediately reported to the neighborhood animal control office.

Along with wounds from being struck by a car, the dog also had an old gunshot wound in its right hind paw, which was found by rescuers. Sanford was then driven to the closest emergency shelter. No one at the shelter was going to treat the dog because of a lack of cash.

He was caged, his head down, and his beseeching eyes were riveted on everyone passing by.

Before a volunteer from the neighborhood dog rescue group Dallas DogRRR arrived to help, the dog had been left at the shelter for a week without any care or special treatment. The volunteer decided to assist when he learned about Sanford’s predicament.

“He was broken. The moment our volunteer got close to him, he didn’t even attempt to rise up or wag his tail. The director of the institution said, “It seemed as though he had given up and was just waiting for his turn.” The staff at the facility made the immediate decision to help the unfortunate child.

Sanford was rescued from the shelter and sent to a veterinary clinic where doctors did all they could to save his paw and revive his spirit.

After being released, Sanford headed to Karen in search of a temporary residence. Sanford remained “smiling” the entire way to the guardian’s house while seated in the front seat. It was impossible to find the once miserable damaged dog in this cheerful creature.

Since then, Sanford’s smile has rapidly spread.

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