Following her discovery in a box, Marie, a kitten from Spain that resembles a panda, is doing well.

This abandoned baby was found in a box. The animal’s unaltered appearance caught the attention of rescuers right away.

This girl and her two boys were taken in by staff at the Spanish animal care facility ADAC Cerdanyola. They were in bad shape and were in a box. They were two to three weeks old at the time. Volunteer Olga started looking after the kids right away. They need emergency medical attention.

Olga continues, “We have no clue how long they were there until they were discovered. The box was damp and dirty.” Out of the three infants, only little Marie, who resembles a panda, survived. After her recovery, Marie developed into a very devoted cat.

After every feeding, she clung to Olga and screamed for attention. The little cat then formed friendships. Olga took care of two more kittens. Marie became their friend, and they started hanging around. The panda cat is now content in her temporary residence with her friends. Marie will soon start looking for a loving family and a permanent residence.

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