The woman feels that she and the cat were meant to be together since the cat was born a month before her breakdown.

In 2016, Amanda lost her job, and doctors determined that she had depression. The woman then made the decision to obtain a pet in the hopes that it would improve her life. She discovered a little black and white cat on an advertisement website. In order to pick up her canine friend Cookie, Amanda had to travel an hour one way.

The woman thought the cat would save her from getting parasites and help her deal with dehydration, but this was untrue. After two days, she had to bring Cookie to the clinic after learning that she had a stomach full of worms and serious dehydration.

Because she lacked the money, Amanda was unable to admit the cat to a hospital.

The mother decided to take care of the baby herself as a consequence. Due to her low weight and compromised immune system, Cookie was unable to receive worming medications. To gain weight, Amanda baked her own pies using boiled fish and chicken. Every six hours, a pill was forced down the kitten’s throat. Additionally, there was a lot of bathing going on.

After successfully getting rid of the worms, the kitten was unwell. Amanda fought for Cookie’s life for months. She has made great progress in her recovery and is now a cheerful, healthy, and active pet.

Amanda remembers the times she was depressed and couldn’t even get out of bed. On the other hand, a four-legged one reverted to her and was always there to help her.

Before Cookie was born, “I had a nervous breakdown.” I think we ought to have found each other sooner. We helped one another out, Amanda said.

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