A mother cat and her four kittens are discovered in the basement of an abandoned house by a cleaning lady.

A kind woman who had been hired to clean the house couldn’t believe what she saw when she went down the basement. She discovered her cat and children in the laundry basket since there was no food or water in the house. The house was locked, so nobody knew how long the cat family had been there.

The discovery got to work right away because it was clear that the cat required assistance and a safe location to raise the litter. Before sitting down to feed her annoying four, the tabby cat finished all of her meal. Her kittens showed signs of their mother’s exceptional care; they were all tidy, healthy, and in good condition.

When the finder saw them, she went to her neighborhood shelter, and volunteers soon arrived to save them. One of the most rare red-haired female cats that occur in nature was this one.

Their excitement and voracious curiosity about everything around them keep their mother on her toes. Ruby, who is a wonderful mother, is thorough in attending to their needs. They will be returned to their homes once they reach adulthood.

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