Although Nutmeg recently turned 31, he is not acknowledged as the oldest cat in the world.

This adorable kitty is a candidate for the title of oldest cat in the world. A few days ago, he had his 31st brilliant birthday, which is 141 years for humanity.

Nutmeg, a lovely and stunning cat, chose his owners by unexpectedly appearing in their garden one day. It’s been around 25 years. The good-hearted Ian and Liz Finlay decided to adopt the stray dog, who became friends with their beloved cat Spice.

The abscess on the kitten’s neck was a medical concern. Nutmeg’s owners learned that he was about 5 years old when they brought him to the clinic for treatment.

The tabby kitten may thus be the oldest cat in the entire animal kingdom. Unfortunately, they still need to submit the cute cat’s birth certificate to the Guinness Book of World Records. They are nevertheless continuing to work on it. Last year, Nutmeg was unwell and had a serious stroke.

But much to his humans’ astonishment, the strong cat recovered fully and has since remained in charge of the Finlay home. How many lifetimes their beloved cat can have has left Liz and Ian wondering.

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