Butter, a lost dog, kept the owners of a burning house awake so they could escape safely by barking at the windows.

Butter saved the Golloway family from the fire. He was the first to spot the danger because the four-legged one routinely walked close to their home. As the house caught fire, the dog barked loudly and dashed under the windows. Charity Golloway and her two kids were sound asleep at the time. The four-legged did not stop till the woman woke up. “ Butter was aware that something wasn’t right and that he should let someone know. This dog is quite intelligent, said Charity. A portion of the woman’s house was on fire when she went to the window to calm the dog before she went to bed. Charity snatched two kids, ran outside, and made a 911 call. Who knows what would have happened if Butter hadn’t existed. I owe this stray puppy a debt of gratitude, Charity said in thanks. Firefighters took pictures of butter and posted them on social media.

It helped find the dog’s owner as well. He was identified by a city resident as Cooper, his pet.

The thought of Butter leaving us saddens me. “Meanwhile, I’m glad that he’ll soon be with his family again. We’ll do everything possible to stay in touch with his owners.” Charity said.

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