Meet Gringo, the adorable cat with a mustache that went viral on social media for his unique appearance.

Have you ever seen a cat with such a distinctive face as this cute feline’s, as well as a well-defined and exquisite mustache? Gringo is a two-year-old cat whose owners are Romain and Sabrine, and they all reside in France.

Like other cats, Gringo likes to play at all times of the day and night. The energetic cat named Gringo likes to jump and climb.

He stands on his back paws and freezes there for a few minutes, looking comical. Gringo has an odd proclivity to sniff his owners’ food as though he’s ready to eat something delicious.

When Romain and Sabrine brought Gringo home, they already owned a cat. Gringo was around three months old at the time. They heard about Gringo on a well-known French website, where they fell in love with his very beautiful face. The wonderful couple had always wanted another cat to share their Milko with, so they went online and discovered him.

They made the right choice since Gringo was a very friendly, kind, and gentle kitten who instantly made friends with their cat Milko. They have become close friends and completely renovated their human home.

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