Together, the little boy and his feathered companion accomplish everything. The duck later takes on the role of the child’s protector, always at his side.

This young toddler is really lucky to get a live duck for a bath instead of a plastic one! Beaker the duck (Bee) moved into the Young household in 2015 when he was still a duckling. At the pet store where dad Christopher bought duck food, there were just three ducklings left, and two of them were sold. Lonely Beaker felt alone without his friends. And the vendor permitted Christopher to purchase it (although the rules only allow selling in pairs).

Beaker and little Tyler became close friends.

According to Tyler’s mother Jennifer Young, “duck” was his first word. The moment Tyler’s parents decided to publish pictures and videos of Tyler and the duck on Facebook, they swiftly set up a special page for Tyler and the duck.

“They did everything together – they played, ate, and slept,” the baby’s mother continues. “Blessedly, training Bee on a leash was a snap. Both agreed to wear diapers, but Bee occasionally pops hers out. As they grew older, their friendship grew stronger. According to Young, “the family is in constant crisis from the moment they get up until it’s time for them to go to bed in the evening.”

Bee starts yelling for food as soon as Tyler sits down to eat, too. They chase each other around the house like a couple of mischievous puppies. In less than five minutes, Tyler’s room can be completely flipped upside down. The odd thing, says Jennifer, “is that they both seem guilty to me.”

Bee stands up for a genuine buddy. The duck goes up to his mother and quacks when Tyler starts to cry in her arms to make sure the child is not in danger. People always maintain domestic ducks by the household, but outdoors. Bee is an exception, on the other hand. Jennifer laughed when she learned that some people kept ducks at home in diapers.

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