After being fed by the café workers one day while seeming agitated, the cat came back with a message on her collar.

She used to go to a restaurant in the city where this eleven-year-old cat, thinking he was a stray cat, was given treats every day and with delight. The purr had a second life, it was subsequently discovered.

Tulia began dining here frequently. She sighed piteously until a customer or staff member offered her a portion of their lunch. Tulia left after her meal, but nobody knew where she went.

If the restaurant staff had not bothered to inquire as to the origin and destination of this cat, it is possible that this would still be occurring today.

A letter was written by a waitress and fastened to the cat’s collar.

Since the cat was obviously unaware of what had transpired, she went back to her owners’ house. The owner was shocked to see that the message asked about Tulia’s house when he read it.

It was later discovered that the cunning cat had also visited the nearby nursing home. He was begging for food there.


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