After feeding the stray cat, the little girl decided to adopt her and her babies.

Victoria, a young woman, spends her leisure time caring for and rescuing stray kittens. A few days after she had taken a tiny kitten from the side of the road, a stray cat arrived at her front door and begged for food.

The cat then began pounding on her door repeatedly. After a while, the girl saw that the cat’s sides had visibly enlarged, indicating that she was likely pregnant.

The cat vanished for a day and reappeared the next day considerably slimmer. She had given birth, which was quickly obvious. Victoria had to find out where the kittens were in order to save them before winter came.

Victoria kept following the cat. The boundaries of an old building served as the kittens’ home. Victoria realized she had to find new homes for her four older cats.

The following day, she showed up with a big package holding the kittens. The feline was cooperative and appeared to be happy that Victoria was taking them home. The kittens will stay at the child’s house while she looks for their long-term guardians.

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