Animal rights activists first try to save pups, but they are stunned by what they find.

This amazing story took place in Serbia. This young man was riding his bicycle outside of the city when he came upon a little dog. He was obviously abandoned here, waiting for someone at a location at least ten kilometers from the next hamlet.

The man understood he needed assistance since, by himself, he could not have survived this circumstance. He called supporters of animal rights and described what he had seen and where it was.

The volunteers arrived on time. An incredibly cute puppy next to a stone ran into the bushes and began barking as a car approached, and a few more dogs emerged from the same bushes at the same time.

The puppies were completely unafraid of people; in fact, they rushed up to the volunteers’ legs to express their happiness. They were courteous and generally conducted themselves well in the car.

There was just one male among the five dogs that greeted them at the stone. They are looking for new homes after obtaining therapy.

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