When he comes upon a kitten, a stray dog takes care of it and helps to preserve its life.

The protagonist of this fascinating story is Golden, a brave dog. This lovely dog cared for the kitten’s needs and reared him as her own. The animal shelter received a report about the stray dog.

Experts ultimately discovered that Golden was really defending the kitten when it was initially believed that it was stuck in a hole. When business employee Michaela Watts went to help the dog, she discovered that there were actually two creatures there.

Michaela then silently observed the kitten sucking milk from the dog. She was equally astounded and captivated.

The dog did not try to run away, but stayed near  the kitten.

The shelter received the dog and kitten, who underwent the required testing and procedures. Despite the staff’s best efforts, the dog continued to look after the kitten. This sweet couple was instantly embraced by these individuals. Golden presently resides with her “foster” in a warm family.

Thanks to the helpful dog, the kitten is now OK.

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