A wounded stray dog was wandering the streets without any hope of being saved.

This unfortunate dog was in such bad shape that he was unable to walk up Philadelphia Street. He had to stop in front of the home. This unidentified homeowner just saved a dog. Jack Jonicen was his name.

He failed to lock the door that particular day, and at the crack of the morning, he heard an odd noise. Even though they had recently had a baby, the couple was hesitant to have a dog. However, they ultimately chose to keep her and give her the name Susie.

The dog looked so awful. He was so emaciated that the vet initially mistook it for a puppy when they took it to the clinic.

The dog is now a fully-fledged caring household member.

It was discovered throughout the inquiry that a passerby had gone up home after noticing the door was removed and had phoned someone disturbing.

The visitor merely shut the door and continued walking because no one heard him speak.

The Jonikens family then regarded him as exceptional and expressed gratitude to him.

The family continues to practice caution and ensure that the front entrance to the house is shut in the wake of this tragedy.

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