This unusual cat has a heart on its stomach and four ears.

We’d like to introduce you to this peculiar and special cat, whose pictures have appeared online. He stands out for having an odd appearance, four ears, and a full heart.

Italy was the location of this incident. When a woman saw a special cat one day, she decided to bring him home and give him the name Midas. The woman thinks that by doing this, others would be motivated to adopt animals, even if they seem strange.

She’s never seen an animal as gorgeous as this one. The reason the cat appears to have four ears is that the “spare” hearing organs are located in front of the primary one because they are smaller. In actuality, his small ears are useless for hearing. This is the outcome of a mutation in his parents’ genes. The four-legged creature also has a white heart on its abdomen, which is another distinguishing characteristic.

The cat lives with her owner and a dog companion with whom she has grown close. He enjoys spending much of her time with the owner.

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