Friends are not for sale, yet the elderly were given a car and a large sum of money in exchange for a cat.

Lyovka is a cat that is aware of numerous commands, all of which she executed flawlessly. And his teacher taught him this lesson. A cat was born in Mongolia, and it was the only member of its litter to live.

The mother cat eventually made a home near the base after leaving the house with her lone kitten. The adorable cat was greeted there by Peter, who took care of him and grew so devoted to him that, after his tour of duty was through, he carried him back to Kaliningrad.

They simply couldn’t be separated and spent the entire day together. The ex-military guy masterfully trained the cat, and the entire city was enthralled by his feats. Even offers to purchase the retired man’s well-behaved pet for a sizeable sum—500,000 rubles plus a car—have been offered, but he has graciously declined them.

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