This dog’s owners left him at the riverside, and he is still sitting on the pier in anticipation of them.

We come across stories of animals being abandoned daily a daily basis. He was abandoned by his owner not far from the river. The animal’s image has also gained a lot of popularity online. This occurred in Thailand.

While they were rowing, the dog’s owner left him close to the river; he was now waiting for him on the pier. Locals claim that the animal won’t go and instead forages on rubbish, hides in cracks, and spends all seasons sleeping outside. Despite being fed, rubbed, and adored by everyone, she refuses to move and repeatedly assumes the same posture.

The dog continues to hope that his owner will return home. She believes he will return and take him with him. One woman, who had been after her for some time, couldn’t help but feel bad for him. Nevertheless, she managed to charm a puppy and gave him the name Perce.

Hopefully, the clever and faithful dog will find a home of his own and be surrounded by adoring people in the future.

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