14 months after being abducted in broad daylight, a German Shepherd was found.

German Shepherd Rico, age 3, went missing in June of this year. His owners are Natasha Jones and George Harden. They said that the dog bolted from the yard in search of a toy. After that, he vanished in under a minute. The two are still perplexed by how this could have occurred. To locate a pet, they used volunteers to comb the neighborhood, contacted nearby residents , and looked through video footage from several city locations.

On one of them, a recording of a stranger pulling the dog along the street was saved, but no sign of the kidnapping could be found. After earning his certification as a service dog trainer, George bought a German Shepherd for employment. Even though the pet was just a member of the household for four weeks, everyone grew to love him. For more than six months, Natasha and George searched for the dog before giving up and mourning their loss. 14 months later, something amazing took place.

On a scorching August day, there received a tap at the door.

One of the family members went to look at the front entry since the sound was feeble and hardly discernible and declared, “There’s a giant sheepdog here!” Running to the porch, the couple saw their Rico immediately away. He merely waited there, and when he spotted the proprietors, he quickly approached them.

The couple is happy that the dog has come home despite not knowing where he has been for the previous year. Rico put on roughly 20 kilos of weight. This results from being locked. His family, though, promises to make every effort to assist in his recovery from illness.

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