Cat miraculously survives a 50-foot fall from the fifth floor of an apartment building and is anticipated to fully recover.

In the UK, a cat went out of a fifth-floor window. Though seriously injured, he is fighting for his life with the assistance of veterans and is making a full recovery. After tumbling from the home’s fifth floor, Edward the cat flew 50 feet. Volunteers presented his amazing rescue story to the media. A two-year-old cat from Bloxwich fell from an apartment window. However, it is still unclear what caused this.


The injured and scared cat was found by bystanders, who took him to the rescue facility. According to the veterinarians, the cat’s paws and lips were broken, and the skull had several cracks in it. “I don’t know how he managed to survive such a horrific fall,” He was in terrible form, but the rescue center’s founder, Lucy Strickland, said, “We always try to give animals a chance. We weren’t sure whether he could manage it, but he’s doing OK.

The volunteer said, “Edward is a great character who has become fairly popular with the staff. The cat adores handling and exhibits a great lot of sensitivity and affection towards strangers. ” Edward is still being tube-fed and will soon need jaw surgery.

The cat instinctively landed on its paws to get away.

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