The shelter dog rushed to the girl’s rescue when he saw she was experiencing a panic attack

.A lost dog’s owner was able to track him down. It’s all thanks to his quick help to a strange chick. The puppy, Picasso, was spotted on the street by workers at the animal shelter. No one sought him for a long time since he was missing a collar. Picasso saw the shelter employees walking their dogs and 16-year-old Abby Ellis sitting on the side of the road with her head on her knees.

The four-legged creature came up to the stranger and hugged her to comfort her. “Abby fell forward in her body and lowered her head to her feet. Picasso moved beneath her body to support herself. After that, she started to feel better. If not for this dog, Abby would have fallen and hit her face on the ground, according to Abby’s mother.

The dread started to fade as soon as Abby touched the dog and felt his warmth. Before going back home with her mother, the young woman found consolation and regained her balance. However, she couldn’t let go of her savior and visited the shelter the following day. Picasso noticed Abby and immediately went to hug her.

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