The loveliest connection develops between an elderly dog and a little child as they communicate via a glass door.

This elderly dog has experienced a lot in his lifetime. Most of the time, he resided in a doghouse on the street. Shirley, Amy’s 13-year-old dog, came at the proper time. The animal didn’t comprehend what love and compassion were until it went into the home of a kind woman.

The family frequently takes in adopted kittens looking for homes. By curling up into a ball and letting the kittens warm up and sleep next to her, Shirley acts as a mother to them. One day, the dog’s owner entered the living room and witnessed a distressing situation.

Curled up against the glass doors was Shirley. An odd young girl was sitting on the opposite side. This situation was adorable. When the woman entered the room, the two didn’t even look at her. For more than thirty minutes, Shirley and the girl waited there.

The dog’s owner claims that all the pet is a friend to sit with her. Amy was able to record this scene on tape as a memento before the girl’s parents immediately called Amy.

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