The moment the dog entered the bar, the customers fell in love with him.

The company’s manager, Kate McLennan, 22, comes to work every day with her dog Bobo. The four-legged employee has a credential and is quite happy with his job. says, Kate.

Even though Bobo still has a job, people still respect him. The dog frequently sleeps at the counter while overlooking the service tables. Using his favorite toys that Kate bought just for him, he incorporates them into the game. Bobo can nap in the center of the bar even on the wildest Friday night.

He is particularly well-liked by children. For instance, one young child requests on weekends that her father accompany her to the bar so she may see a hilarious dog.

Due to his owner’s consistent sharing of amusing pictures and videos of her devoted pet on social media, Bobo also has a considerable online fan base.

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