The cougar who was saved was domesticated since she was unable to return to the wild.

In their flat, this couple maintains an interesting animal. The massive cougar Medis is 50 kg in weight. Medis was found by his owners at a zoo. At the time, he was just eight months old and one of three cubs in the zoo’s litter.

Medis was already receiving medical care when he was sold at the age of three months. The couple decided to buy the cougar back after she quickly won their hearts.

The woman convinces her husband that, despite his desire for a large animal, a lynx that was a cougar was presented to him. The two disagreed about whether they could complete the assignment in three days. According to Medis’ owners, he acts like a dog and requires a lot of care, training, and special warm clothing. Medis, who was before inactive, now likes walking and plans two daily strolls.

He is currently a vital member of the family and poses no issues for the proprietors. He is amiable and polite, and he gets along with others well.

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