He had been abandoned by his mother. A baby foal is comforted by a big, fluffy bear.

When his mother abandoned him, a colt that had been saved turned to tie a giant teddy bear to his back for comfort. This scenario is quite powerful. The newborn foal named Breeze was almost immediately rejected by his mother. Fortunately, a farmer noticed the young pony.

The rescue team found the newborn foal in a precarious state. He was frightened, confused, and thirsty. The orphaned pony was quickly sent to the Sanctuary since everyone was concerned for his welfare. The tiny creature did, however, finally find something that helped him get through his stress and suffering.

It wasn’t his biological mother, his adoptive mother, the rescue team, or even his original mother; it was simply a teddy bear.

The sanctuary employees placed a large teddy bear in the pony’s cage, giving him much-needed comfort. The staff was ecstatic to learn that the poor baby pony had gotten a job. He interacted with the plush toy as if it were a living entity while sleeping on it.

He began spending the entire day with the bear, who also served as comfort when the other members of the group weren’t around.

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