Pearl is a gorgeous cat with distinguishing traits and close-set ears that resemble bunnies.

The unusual features and close-set ears of Pearl the cat give her the appearance of a rabbit. Along with nine other cats, the cat came to the shelter.

The employees at the shelter recognized Pearl right away and felt the cat was too unique. The cat’s appearance altered, but the animal shelter didn’t know why. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine if this is due to something that happened to him in the past or if he was just born with this trait.

However, one thing was agreed upon by all: Pearl is very lovely. After learning about the amazing cat, Maria went to the shelter to pick him up. She acknowledges that she was drawn to him as soon as she saw him.

The new owner remarked, “When I saw him, I knew I couldn’t leave him there.” Maria lauds Pearl’s sensitivity and compassion. Additionally, he enjoys playing with his hands.

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